EP 68: Roth IRA vs. Health Savings Account (HSA): Which Is Better?

If you only had $5,000, would you put it in a Roth IRA or a Health Savings Account (HSA) account?

Watch The Great Debate between tax attorneys and bestselling authors, Mat Sorensen & Mark J. Kohler on how to best grow your money tax-free.

Some key comparisons:


  • HSA gives you a tax deduction. You can contribute  Single $3,650 and Family $7,300.
  • Roth IRA has no tax deduction. You can contribute $6,000 per person + $1,000 if 50 or older.
  • Roth IRA for Kids with income.


  • Both the HSA and Roth IRAs grow tax-free.


  • Health Savings Account has no tax on distribution BUT ONLY FOR QUALIFYING MEDICAL.
  • You can distribute contribution and growth at any age.
  • Roth IRA has no tax on distribution BUT ONLY AT 59.5 OF AGE.
  • Can distribute for anything.
  • Contributions can be distributed at any age.

Which account is better?

It depends on the person, their goals, health, and finances.

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