EP 78: How To Fund Your Deal with Other People’s IRAs

Hosted by Mat Sorensen, bestselling author of The Self Directed IRA Handbook, and Aaron Halderman, COO of Directed IRA  With special guest Bill Predebon, Founder/President, Creative Solutions Investments, LLC  

Creative Solutions Investments, LLC, (CSI, LLC) is a Real Estate Investing Company, specializing in Fix and Flip short-term investments, creative financing, and creative investing strategies. Ultimately, long-term buy and hold strategies.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Funding your deals including joint ventures, partnerships, and capital investments secured by DOT, among others.
  • Using other people’s IRAs to invest in real estate and more.
  • Expanding your existing real estate business if you are a real estate broker or investor.

They also answered deal funding questions Live!

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