EP 70: Analyzing Investments for Retirement Accounts

Mat Sorensen, bestselling author of “The Self Directed IRA Handbook” interviewed Jamison Manwaring, a former Goldman Sachs equity analyst turned real estate syndicator for multi-family real estate. He explained how he does investment analysis to determine when to buy, sell or hold.

Jamison has bought hundreds of units as Co-Founder and CEO of Neighborhood Ventures. He clarified why real estate multi-family can be a great hedge against inflation.

Mat and Jamison also talked about:

  • Making investment decisions
  • Comparing the stock market to real estate.
  • How to invest in what you know
  • A rate of return formula for analyzing investments
  • How to define a risk-reward profile
  • Dividend yields
  • Resell value
  • Cashflow vs. capital appreciation
  • Tax benefits

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