Using an IRA/LLC
(aka, checkbook IRA)

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4 Key Points To Consider
When Using an IRA/LLC

1: Checkbook Control

IRA funds are invested into the LLCs business checking account. Do not commingle personal funds.

2: Asset Protection

IRA and IRA owner are protected from liability created by the IRA/LLC.

3: No Tax Return

If one IRA owns the LLC 100% there is no tax return required by the IRS. If the LLC has more than one owner the LLC files a partnership tax return.

4: Manager of the IRA/LLC

The IRA owner can be manager of the LLC and can manage the LLC checking account and can sign for the LLC. The IRA owner (or any disqualified person) is restricted from receiving a salary or compensation.

IRA/LLC Information In-Take Form+

For current Directed IRA account holders.
If you do not have an account please complete one of the applications below.

Roth IRA Application with IRA/LLC

Traditional IRA Application with IRA/LLC

Resources On Using an IRA/LLC
aka Checkbook Control IRA

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Checkbook Control

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