Step 1: Set Up New Account

Select the retirement account you want to open

Step 1: Open an Account

Open an account with Directed IRA entirely online in as little as 5 minutes

Step 2: Fund an Account

Fund your account by making a new contribution or by rolling/transferring funds from another retirement account to Directed IRA.

Step 3: Invest an Account

Invest your account into your planned self-directed investment

Self-Directed Account Applications

Roth IRA

Traditional IRA


Health Savings Account

Coverdell (ESA)

Inherited Traditional IRA

Inherited Roth IRA

Roth IRA for Kids

Custodial (qual & non-qual)

Fee Schedule

Crypto Account Applications

Crypto Roth IRA

Crypto IRA (Traditional)

Crypto SEP IRA

Crypto HSA

Crypto Coverdell ESA

Crypto Inherited Traditional IRA

Crypto Inherited Roth IRA

Crypto Roth IRA for Kids

Crypto Custodial Account

Crypto Fee Schedule


New Account Roth IRA Conversion

Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy

Checkbook IRA/LLC

Solo 401(k)

New Crypto Roth IRA Conversion

Crypto Solo 401(k)