This series is intended to help investors better understand self-directed retirement plans, their tax advantages, and the different ways they can be used to invest directly into Real Estate, Promissory Notes, Private Equity, and other Alternative Investment Opportunities.

Upcoming Workshops

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Investing in Real Estate Internationally with an IRA or Solo 401(k)

This is a SPECIAL BONUS WORKSHOP for June. We go all in, internationally, on the hot topic of investing retirement funds internally. Aaron Halderman, the Directed IRA COO, Nate Hare, the Executive Director, and international real estate investors Ben Fredricks and Scott Miller will join us.

Where we’ll cover:

• A look at emerging markets in the Caribbean
• Short-term rentals
• How to get started
• Case study examples

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Buying Real Estate Inside your IRA or 401K – With and without Debt

Are you looking for creative ways to secure retirement and build lasting wealth? Discover the power of incorporating real estate into your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with insights from Nate Hare, a renowned authority in the field. This informative workshop will help you gain invaluable knowledge about the process of buying and selling real estate within the framework of your retirement plan, completely TAX-FREE. We’ll also unravel the misconceptions of leveraging debt with your IRA owned real estate investments. Should you use debt, or not? We’ll discuss.

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Mailbox Money – Using your IRA for Private Lending

Discover the art of generating consistent passive income in our online workshop, “Mailbox Money – Using Your IRA for Private Lending,” hosted by self-directed IRA expert and Executive Director, Nate Hare. Learn different strategies for private lending within your IRA, including 10 considerations to make as a lender you to turn your IRA into a source of steady, passive income. Don’t miss out—secure your spot now for financial freedom!

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Investing your IRA in Multifamily, Apartments, and Syndications

There are many ways that passive investments can be put together. This workshop will help you gain clarity in understanding private placements, syndications, and other large real estate ventures. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a better understanding of how self-directed IRAs can be invested into alternative, tangible assets.

Past Workshops