Precious Metals and IRAs

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4 Key Points To Consider
When Investing In Precious Metals

1: Gold, Silver and Qualifying Metals

IRAs can own precious metals but they must be qualifying metals meeting certain purity requirements. The only qualifying metals are gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

2: Collectible Coins & Metals

IRAs cannot own collectibles but certain government issues coins (e.g. American Gold or Silver Eagles) are valid coins that can be purchased and owned by an IRA.

3: No Home Storage

The IRS has advised against home storage of precious metals in an IRA. IRA metals should be stored at a qualifying deposit or bank. Directed IRA works with a qualifying depository.

4: Metals Dealer

Most metals are bought and sold through a precious metals dealer. Directed IRA account holder choose their precious metals dealer to buy or sell with and we process the order based on your agreement and pricing with your dealer.

Articles On How To Invest
Your IRA in Precious Metals

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Precious metals have been a popular investment for retirement plans since the financial market collapse in 2008.

IRS Warns Against Home Storage for Precious Metals Owned by Self-Directed IRAs

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the radio advertising that promotes an ability to store gold owned by a self-directed IRA at the IRA owner’s own home.