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4 Key Points When Investing In Real Estate With an IRA

1: Title Name

The property and the contract to purchase must be titled in the name of your IRA

2: Gain Control

Many IRA real estate investors use an IRA/LLC to better gain control of the transaction and investments.

3: Mortgage or Loan

Any mortgage or loan obtained for IRA-owned real estate must be non-recourse and may cause UDFI tax on profits from debt.

4: IRA-Owned

IRA-owned real estate must be held for investment and cannot be used by the IRA owner or their disqualified family.

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The most overlooked opportunity
in Real Estate

Real estate is the most common asset for self-directed accounts. IRAs can own single family rentals, flips, LLC interests in partnerships owning real estate and private funds and offerings of real estate.

When your IRA or IRA/LLC owns real estate it receives the income and pays the expenses. And the income or gain from the sale goes back into the IRA with zero tax (tax free Roth, tax deferred Traditional).

There are important management and operational rules new self-directed IRA owners must learn when managing their rental properties and other real estate owned by their IRA.

The quick start guide breaks down the options and the key considerations and rules to know when using an IRA or other self-directed retirement account to invest in real estate.

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