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▪︎ July 14th, 2021 at 4 pm Mountain Time

Directed IRA Webinar Series

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▪︎ August 18th, 2021 – Details to follow
Past Webinars

Webinar 4: Self-Directed IRA vs Solo 401(k)

In this episode Mat and Aaron talk about key points you need to know in order to decide what account types are best for you based on your personal situation…

1:29:24 Minutes

Webinar 3: Buying Rental Properties With Your Self-Directed IRA

In this episode Mat and Aaron talk about getting the contract and documents right, rules for managing property, and much more…

1:41:17 Minutes

Webinar 2: Step by Step Overview of Investing your IRA in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

In this episode Mat and Aaron discuss how you purchase Crypto directly with your IRA without using an IRA/LLC and other crypto IRA questions…

1:13:30 Minutes

Webinar 1: How to Invest in a Private Company Before It Goes Public (Pre-IPO)

Watch as we discuss the different investment opportunities and stages of when a private company will offer stock to investors (including…

59.42 Minutes

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