The Best Crypto IRA Structures, Strategies, and Trade Fee Pricing


In this webinar we discussed:

• New reduced fees on Crypto IRAs and trade fees of .5% (50 basis points) and even less on IRA/LLC and Solo(k) crypto structures.
• Outline of our two Crypto IRA products offered by Directed IRA that you can invest in Crypto with a retirement account.
• An expedited Institutional Exchange Account process for Directed IRA clients only with Kraken using our IRA/LLC or Solo 401k.
• Easy and Fast Gemini Exchange Account for Crypto IRAs without the need of an LLC.
• How Crypto IRAs can be used to buy, hold, and trade.
• Structures on crypto staking, lending, and de-fi strategies with retirement accounts.
• Structures and considerations for holding your Crypto private keys.
• How tax-free crypto income is possible with a Crypto Roth IRA or Roth 401k.

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