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A show dedicated to educating and informing self-directed IRA and 401(k) investors on strategies, investments, legal structures, tax rules, and pitfalls. Hosted by tax lawyers Mat Sorensen and Mark Kohler who are also co-founders of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company.


Articles written on the subject of how you can self-direct your IRA. Read from the industry thought leaders and other contributors. Learn more about Directed IRA and how we help you take control of your retirement.


Watch multiple educational videos on how to self-direct your IRAs and solo 401(k)s. Learn the strategies that our clients have implemented to save for their retirement and invest in what they know.

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Read the latest quick start guides on how to get started in the different investment types. Real Estate, IRA/LLC, Cryptocurrency, and many others. These are the most comprehensive guides in the industry.


EP 38 – How to Flip Real Estate in an IRA

EP 38 – How to Flip Real Estate in an IRA

Mat and Mark discuss how to flip real estate in an IRA. They go over how thousands of their clients over the years have used their IRA to buy a piece of property, rehab it, and flip it for profit. That money then goes back into their retirement account, tax-free.

Roth IRAs: Other Perks on Top of Tax-Free Growth

Roth IRAs: Other Perks on Top of Tax-Free Growth

Many investors and financial professionals are familiar with the primary benefits of a Roth IRA: that the plan’s investments grow tax-free and come out tax-free. But if tax-free investing isn’t enough to get you excited, rest assured, there are more benefits to the Roth IRA.

EP 38 – How to Flip Real Estate in an IRA

EP 36 – Open Forum Show

Mark and Mat explain ways people get stuck when it comes to self-directing their retirement account (not enough money, don’t have a deal) and give ideas and strategies on how to get unstuck so that you can self-direct into the types of assets you know and want in your accounts such as real estate, notes, crypto, small businesses, LLCs, and private companies and funds.

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