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A show dedicated to educating and informing self-directed IRA and 401(k) investors on strategies, investments, legal structures, tax rules, and pitfalls. Hosted by tax lawyers Mat Sorensen and Mark Kohler who are also co-founders of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company.


Articles written on the subject of how you can self-direct your IRA. Read from the industry thought leaders and other contributors. Learn more about Directed IRA and how we help you take control of your retirement.


Watch multiple educational videos on how to self-direct your IRAs and solo 401(k)s. Learn the strategies that our clients have implemented to save for their retirement and invest in what they know.

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Read the latest quick start guides on how to get started in the different investment types. Real Estate, IRA/LLC, Cryptocurrency, and many others. These are the most comprehensive guides in the industry.


EP 78: How To Fund Your Deal with Other People’s IRAs

EP 78: How To Fund Your Deal with Other People’s IRAs

Hosted by Mat Sorensen, bestselling author of The Self Directed IRA Handbook, and Aaron Halderman, COO of Directed IRA With special guest Bill Predebon, Founder/President, Creative Solutions Investments, LLC  

Creative Solutions Investments, LLC, (CSI, LLC) is a Real Estate Investing Company, specializing in Fix and Flip short-term investments, creative financing, and creative investing strategies. Ultimately, long-term buy and hold strategies.

  • Funding your deals including joint ventures, partnerships, and capital investments secured by DOT, among others.
  • Using other people’s IRAs to invest in real estate and more.
  • Expanding your existing real estate business if you are a real estate broker or investor.

They also answered deal funding questions Live!

EP 77: Open Forum – Self-Directed IRA Q&A on Start-Ups, Syndicates, RMD, Crypto, FDIC, Side Door Solo 401k

EP 77: Open Forum – Self-Directed IRA Q&A on Start-Ups, Syndicates, RMD, Crypto, FDIC, Side Door Solo 401k

Bestselling authors, Mat Sorensen of, “The Self-Directed IRA Handbook,” and Mark J. Kohler, “The Tax  & Legal Playbook,” answer your questions on buying alternative assets with retirement accounts including: 

  • Investing in a start-up with a Roth IRA.
  • What happens to a 401k or self-directed IRA that has invested in a syndication when retiring.
  • How to best plan for Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).
  • The difference between a Trust Company vs. Third Party Administrator (TPA).
  • What you need to know about FDIC Insurance when investing in alternative assets.
  • Understand the Side Door Solo 401k.
EP 76: New Contribution Limits 2023

EP 76: New Contribution Limits 2023

Mat Sorensen and Mark J. Kohler explain everything you need to know about the increased contribution limits for 2022. They walk through the rules and common strategies people use to get more money into their retirement accounts. They show how to avoid jacking up your account. This episode will have you perfectly prepared to max out your retirement account!

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EP 75: Roth Accounts for Realtors and Brokers

EP 75: Roth Accounts for Realtors and Brokers

As a real estate professional, you can have a major edge. There is $35 trillion in retirement accounts in the U.S. that can buy real estate! Bestselling authors, Mat Sorensen and Mark J. Kohler explain a powerful strategy to sell more real estate and walk you through the structure of it step-by-step (you can see the whiteboard diagramming via the YouTube link). Are you a realtor? Are you using a tax-free bucket? There are so many gems in this podcast episode that will get you excited about real estate investing.

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