Directed IRA provides a simple and low pricing structure and the best customer experience in the industry

One time new account establishment fee — $50

Annual self-directed IRA account fee — $295

One time asset processing fees

as low as $30 — max $100
(purchase/liquidation/sale/registration/in kind transfer)

We do not charge annual fees based on the number of assets you have.
Also, we do not charge fees based on the size of your account.

In addition to our Fee Schedules listed below, Directed IRA maintains other fee schedules for accounts that originate from strategic relationships. Inquiries by RIAs, advisors, or investment sponsors may be directed to our Business Development team by email to [email protected] or by calling 602.899.9396.

Fee Schedule: Crypto IRA

Fee Schedule: IRA’s, SEP’s, HSA’s, & ESA’s

Fee Schedule: Solo 401k – Custodial

Fee Schedule: Publicly Traded Stock, ETFs & Mutual Funds

*You can purchase stock, ETFs, and mutual funds with your Directed IRA account without the need of a Checkbook IRA/LLC.

How We Compare

Top 10 ways Directed IRA stacks up
against the competition




Low Flat Annual Account Fee under $300
Recurring Fees Based on Your Number of Assets
Fees Based on the Size of Your Account
Founded by Experts in the Industry & Staff Trained by them
Highest Rated for Customer Service in the Industry (Verified Google Reviews)
#1 Book on Self-Directed IRAs (Authored
by our Founder & CEO, Mat Sorensen)
Top Podcast on Self-Directed IRAs, Tax & Legal Strategies
Custom Designed Presentation for Strategic Relationships
Licensed & Regulated (Trust Charter)
Offers Checkbook IRA/LLC & Solo 401(k) Accounts

Account Forms

Step 1: Open an Account

Open an account with Directed IRA entirely online in as little as 5 minutes

Step 2: Fund an Account

Fund your account by making a new contribution or by rolling/transferring funds from another retirement account to Directed IRA.

Step 3: Invest an Account

Invest your account into your planned self-directed investment

Step 4: Manage Your Account

Manage all your existing Directed IRA accounts