Crypto IRA by Directed IRA

We simplified the process so your IRA can trade Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency directly on Gemini’s trading platform without using an IRA/LLC

Open Crypto
IRA & Fund
Your Account

Open the Crypto IRA at
Directed IRA using forms below
You authorize
money to
be sent to
trading account
at Gemini

Gemini Trading
Account Owned
by Your IRA

Directed IRA sets up your
Gemini trading account
You trade
& hold
through your
at Gemini

Bitcoin & 40+
More Crypto
on Gemini

Open the Crypto IRA at
Directed IRA using forms below
Directed IRA sets up your
Gemini trading account
Click here for a list of all Crypto
currently offered on Gemini.

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Fee Schedule

What are the fees for a Crypto IRA?

The Crypto IRA fees consist of an Annual Account Fee charged by Directed IRA of $295, a 1% per trade fee, and a $50 processing fee to fund your Gemini account. These fees are charged to your credit card on file or can be deducted from your account by Directed. Gemini’s trade fee is 0.25% to 0.35% per trade.

Directed IRA Annual
Account Fee


Directed IRA
Trading Fee

1% trade fee per trade
Gemini trade fee of 0.25% to 0.35%

Fee Schedule: Cryptocurrency

Crypto Accounts by Directed IRA

Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, HSA, ESA, SEP or Solo 401k

Crypto Roth IRA

Crytpo IRA (Traditional)

Crypto HSA

Crypto SEP IRA

Crypto Coverdell ESA

Crypto Custodial Account

Crypto Solo 401k

Crypto Roth IRA Conversion

Crypto Backdoor Roth IRA

Crypto Inherited Roth IRA

Crypto Inherited Traditional IRA

Easy Online Account Setup to Buy Bitcoin and Other Crypto With a Self-Directed IRA

Step 1

Open Crypto IRA account with Directed IRA. Sign account agreement and provide
government ID (such as driver’s license or passport)

Step 2

Transfer or rollover existing retirement account funds or make a new contribution

Step 3

As part of your Crypto account application you will authorize us to setup a Gemini
trading account for your IRA. You will also authorize the initial investment amount
from your Directed IRA account to fund your Gemini trading account.

Step 4

You will receive an email from Gemini with login and onboarding instructions to access and use your Gemini crypto trading account where you can buy Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and 40+ other Cryptocurrencies. This must be a unique email that is not already used with a personal Gemini account.

Step 5

You will trade and store your cryptocurrency with your IRA owned Gemini account

NOTE: If you currently have an account with Gemini you will need to use a different email address
for your new Crypto IRA

Cryptocurrency FAQs

What Fees Does Gemini Charge?

0.25% – 0.35% (25-35 bps), which is Gemini’s special discounted ActiveTrader™
fee schedule. These fees are charged at the Gemini account level. A $1,000 trade
would be subject to a fee at Gemini of $2.50 (min) to $3.50 (max) under the
current Gemini active trader fee schedule.

Are there storage fees?

There is no additional fee to store your crypto on the Gemini Exchange. Off-line
cold storage is offered by Gemini for an annual fee of 1%.

What Cryptocurrency can I buy?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 40+ additional cryptocurrency as listed on
the Gemini Exchange with new ones being added constantly. Click here to view full
list of eligible crypto at Gemini.

I already have an account at Directed IRA with other
Self-Directed assets, can I trade crypto directly
with this account?

No. Crypto IRAs have a different system, compliance, and procedural
processes. A separate Crypto IRA must be established at Directed to link to a
Gemini crypto trading account.

Can I do other Self-Directed investments with my Crypto IRA?

No. But, you can easily transfer cash from your Crypto IRA at Directed to your Self-Directed IRA at Directed where you can make other Self-Directed investments.

Can You Explain the Fees for a New Account Buying
$10,000 in Crypto as an Example?

Your Crypto account will be subject to the following fees:

  • Processing Fee to Fund Gemini Crypto Trading Account (Directed) $50
  • 1% Trading Processing Fee (Directed) on $10,000 in trades $100
  • 0.35% (max) Gemini Trade fee (active trader fee settings for account) $35

Directed Fees = $150
Gemini Fees =$35

Total = $185

How are cryptocurrency gains taxed?

The IRS issued IRS Notice 2014-21 addressing the taxation of Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency and stated that Bitcoin and other forms of virtual currency are
property. The sale of property by an IRA is generally treated as capital gain, so the
buying and selling of cryptocurrency for investment purposes wouldn’t trigger
unrelated business income tax (UBIT) or other adverse tax consequences that can
occasionally arise in an IRA.

How are my cryptocurrencies insured?

Cryptocurrencies in your Gemini account will be insured by Gemini’s insurance.
You can learn more about their insurance on their website here. There is no FDIC
insurance and no guarantees. Crypto is an investment subject to loss of the entire
principal amount.

Do I have access to my private keys?

No. At this time you cannot have access to your own keys. If this is something you
want then you’ll need to use the IRA/LLC structure instead. You can learn more
about this process here.

How long does it take after I’ve funded my account
at Directed IRA before I can start trading?

Once you’ve funded your Crypto IRA, Directed will send your funds to your Gemini
account where you’ll have full control and responsibility to make trades. The
standard processing time is 3 business days after your Crypto IRA has been funded.

Can I Purchase Cryptocurrency Not Listed On the
Gemini Exchange?

No. If this is something you want then you’ll need to use the IRA/LLC structure
instead. You can learn more about this process here.

Which Gemini Exchange Trade Interface Do I Use?

The ActiveTrader™ trade interface. Please note this interface is only available on
the desktop. Your Gemini trading fees will be much higher (up to and above 1.5%) if
you use the Gemini Mobile app or the standard Gemini trade interface on a desktop.
Please ensure you are in Gemini’s ActiveTrader™ trade interface to get their
preferred pricing of 0.25% to 0.35%. If you move to the regular Gemini interface
or use the Gemini Mobile app you will be charged higher fees.

Crypto IRA/LLC Structure

For those who want to hold their crypto private keys, buy alternative crypto not available on the
Gemini Exchange, or who want to use other wallets or trade other types of crypto.

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