Ep.72: 6 Common Mistakes Investors Make with IRA LLCs and Checkbook IRAs

The IRA LLC and Checkbook IRA is one of the best tax savings tools. It provides many opportunities but you’ve got to know the rules to avoid making mistakes.

Think of this podcast episode as your “IRA LLC Safety Class,” led by Mat Sorensen and Mark J. Kohler as they guide you past possible pitfalls including:

  • Wrong Set up for Your IRA LLC or Checkbook IRA.
  • Why You Must Respect The Prohibited Transaction Rules.
  • Incorrectly Putting Money into Your IRA.
  • Misunderstanding Taking a Distribution.
  • The Consequences of Not Keeping Your LLC Up To Date.
  • Operating Incorrectly Your Checkbook IRA with Case Studies.

Take notes and listen to this episode again to maximize the power of IRA LLCs and Checkbook IRAs!

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