Buying Crypto in Your IRA –
Trading, Staking, and Mining

In this episode of the Directed IRA Podcast, Mark and Mat get into the resurgence of interest in cryptocurrency investing. From Bitcoin hitting new highs to the SEC’s approval of ETFs, the crypto landscape is evolving.

Key Topics Covered:

– Breaking down the process of buying and investing in crypto through IRAs and 401(k)s.
– The significance of ETF approval and the involvement of major financial players.
– Exploring the growing interest in various cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin.
– Understanding the $33 trillion in U.S. retirement accounts and diversifying investment options.

Why Consider Crypto in Your Retirement Account?

With over 50 cryptocurrencies available, learn how to move beyond traditional assets and explore new investment opportunities. Discover the benefits of tax-advantaged strategies, especially using Roth IRAs for potential tax-free gains.

Taking Action: Setting Up Your Crypto IRA

Get practical insights into initiating the process, transferring accounts, and setting up a dedicated crypto IRA. Mat and Mark share the simplicity of working with Gemini, a trusted platform for crypto trading within your retirement account at Directed IRA. To learn more click this link!

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