Self-Directed Case Studies: Real World Application

In this YouTube video, we dive into the fascinating world of Self-Directed IRAs. Our hosts, Mat and Mark, are joined by special guests Randy Luebke, a financial advisor and co-author of Mark’s book, and John Shekarchi, an experienced Self-Directed IRA investor, Partner at Directed IRA, and lawyer. They share their insights and personal experiences with Self-Directed IRAs, shedding light on the incredible possibilities these retirement accounts offer.

Randy Luebke explains the importance of working with independent fiduciary investment advisors, ensuring you get unbiased advice for your retirement investments. John Shekarchi provides valuable insights and stories from his journey with Self-Directed IRAs, giving viewers a glimpse of the exciting opportunities available.

If you want to take control of your retirement funds and explore alternative investments, this video is a must-watch. Discover how you can invest your retirement savings beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Don’t miss out on learning from the experts and gaining financial independence in your golden years.

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  • Learn about the history of self-directed IRAs and the challenges some investors face when trying to break free from the Wall Street mold.
  • Discover the importance of working with independent fiduciary investment advisors to navigate the world of self-directed IRAs.
  • Get insights from John and Randy, who share their success stories and provide valuable mentorship in the self-directed IRA space.

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