Rethinking your Retirement W/ Dr. David Phelps


This workshop will be the official kickoff to our newest educational workshop series. This series is intended to help investors better understand self-directed retirement plans, their tax advantages, and the different ways they can be used to invest directly into Real Estate, Promissory Notes, Private Equity, and other Alternative Investment Opportunities. Our very special guest for this segment will be Dr. David Phelps, DDS.

David was a former private practice dental office owner who transitioned to a full-time real estate investor, where he finally found true financial freedom. David now mentors others on how they can create more financial freedom in their own lives. David has authored several books, advocates for financial literacy requirements in schools, and uses his very own self-directed retirement accounts to build tax-free wealth by owning real estate and other alternative investments.

David will touch on topics such as “Cash Flow VS Accumulation”, “Navigating Turbulent Markets”, “Expanding Your Network to Increase Your Net Worth”, and more!



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