EP 69: Student Loan Debt Crisis and The Solution – Coverdell ESAs, 529 and Roth IRAs

This episode is a must listen to for any parent!

  • Total Student Loan Debt is $1.75 trillion.
  • The average amount per borrower is $29,000.
  • There are 2.4 million retirees who struggle to pay student loan debt aged 62 and older.

What is the best strategy for parents to pay for their kids college debt free?

Mat Sorensen and Mark J. Kohler talk about account types you can use and how to save in a tax favored way. They explain the benefits of Coverdell ESAs, 529 and Roth IRAs and, which accounts to use first.

Mat and Mark also shared how they helped their kids graduate with zero debt and their own personal journey of what they did to pay for their own college education.

They also explained what NOT to do with a retirement account.

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